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Zodiac Signs, Elements, and Celestial Bodies

Astrology can be traced back to many years ago and deals with studying the celestial bodies and deciphering the messages to find relations to other bodies and people. A person can be told what the future holds for them and get deeper understanding of themselves through predictions made from astrology. Astrology comprises of the study of the many celestial bodies revolving around the sun to give insight into a person’s destiny. The zodiac is a chart often referred to as the wheel of life which consists of twelve unique sections representing the months in each year. Each sign has different names and people born between different periods possess unique properties from others.

While some stars or planets are mobile, others revolve and their movement was used to develop the zodiac sign which is essentially a chart. Aries is the first zodiac sign and relates to people born between March 21 to April 19 who have special associations. People associated with Aries are energetic and determined which is mainly due to being related to the fire element. The second zodiac sign is called Taurus and focuses on people born from April to May and these people are known to strive to find solutions to all problems. The third zodiac sign known as Gemini associates to the air element and the people in this category are open-minded and free thinkers. Cancer is the firth zodiac sign whose people are emotional, secretive and avoids making their lives known to the public.

Leo zodiac sign associates with people who want to lead others as they are energetic, strong and determined. Virgo follows Leo in the signs and the people share the earth element making them conservative or appreciating everything exactly as it is. Libra is associated to people who are generally friendly to all others and this makes them be untrusted by most. Scorpio sign is associated to people who are stubborn, loyal and free thinkers and share the water element. The ninth zodiac sign is called Sagittarius and relates with the fire element and its people are mostly generous, idealistic and quite humorous.

The tenth zodiac sign is Capricorn and the people belonging here have strong wills and ensure to fulfill the tasks they undertake. Aquarius zodiac sign associated with people who are free, independent, caring and loving as well as uncompromising. The Pisces is the last zodiac sign and its people share the water element making them friendly but without consistency. There are four elements including fire, water, earth, and air elements and each has unique properties and attributes. There are also twelve astrology houses showing the connection between all celestial bodies and created based on time and space factors. Planetary dignities involve studying all the planets by themselves to identify their energy and physical properties in detail.

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