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Tips to Selecting a Women’s Addiction Treatment Facility in San Diego

When a loved one is suffering from addiction, you in a way also suffer. Addiction is a vice that does not choose based on sex or age. Three are different forms of addictions. Some are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Food addiction, sex addiction, and others are also types of addiction. When you are addicted to something, withdrawing from it may be difficult and hence you may need assistance. San Diego has several women addiction treatment centers. It not that easy to choose the best addiction recovery center for women. Below is a guide to picking the best women’s addiction treatment center

First, you will need to consult your healthcare provider who assessed your condition about the best rehab program to sing up for. Another source of referral can be from family or friends. Another way to find one is to do a search on the internet of available women’s rehab centers near you. Rehab programs vary in three different ways. The three include, they type of care, the duration of the treatment and the location where you will receive the treatment.

Choose a rehab program that best meets your needs. You can choose from the following four options. One is the outpatient treatment program. You will continue staying in your house but visit the center for the meetings. Then we have the inpatient program. The inpatient treatment is where the patient will not leave the compound of the rehab center during rehabilitation. The residential treatment is the third option. The patient remains in a residence that is not their home where they receive intensive care. The final type is the recovery housing. Recovery housing is staying in a house where you are closely monitored while receiving treatment for the addiction.

When you have decided the type of plan, you will need to factor in the treatment approach. Treatment options such as therapy need to be explained to you. Besides therapy, they need to specify the drug they will use. The services should be geared to assist the patient recover. Particularly, focus on how the program you choose measures the effectiveness of the rehabilitation.

Another aspect to consider is whether the facility provides skilled care. Inquire the kind of skilled care they have and if it applies to your requirement. For example, if a center offers women recovery program as specialized care.

Lastly, you need to ask how they respond to relapse cases. Know what steps they have put in place to handle relapse patients. If patients are kicked out of the program if they relapse, then it will not be of benefit to you because the uncertainty of a patient’s reaction to rehab is there and relapse sometimes happens. To wide up, make sure that the rehab center is registered to avoid being on the wrong side of the law while seeking assistance.

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